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The Hawk Is Calling.. Will You Answer?
Unique. Dramatic. Distinctive. A Rare Find.

Words don’t come easy when trying to describe this jewel of a golf course, but if you think you have ‘been there’ and ‘played that’, you have something special in store for you. Not many things man does with the land actually improve it. Hawktree Golf Club is a rare exception to that notion. Featuring an open, links-style design with a mere 80 acres of irrigated turf grass, the eco friendly course is framed by hills planted in native grasses.

It took the patient hand of nature millenniums to carve the Burnt Creek valley, revealing a land of incredible beauty beneath the harsh glacier ice. Land that was destined to become a world-class golf course, harmonizing perfectly with the gifts nature has bestowed upon the upper prairie.

Gently and smartly sculpted by native son, James Engh, whose stated goal from the beginning was to create a course in North Dakota that would get national attention, Hawktree epitomizes what a golf course should be – naturally challenging. You against nature – the rugged prairie lands lying hard by the Missouri River, enhanced with dramatic black coal sand bunkers, prairie grasses, three unspoiled lakes, and other eco-friendly design elements. Who will win?

The wind whips the flags – the views are stunning, somehow miraculous, and all that water? Who would have expected water to be a factor on eleven of the 18 spectacular holes? Better be prepared to soar when you’re playing against the Hawk. Every hole presents its own unique challenge. It’s the palette of color you notice but it’s the unique aspects of this top rated course that you’ll remember.

From your elevated perch on the very first tee, you know this game of golf will be something special. The array of colors is unexpected – startling. Emerald green fairways, bordered by the rusty reds of native grasses, and punctuated with black sand bunkers, the coloration creates a scene of incomparable beauty.

Perfectly maintained by a dedicated staff of professionals, The Hawk is calling. Will you answer?

“Hawktree Golf Club located 5 miles North of Bismarck provides wildlife enthusiasts with native prairie, woody habitat, wetlands and a breathtaking scenery.” North Dakota Game and Fish

Please call us at 701-355-0995 for more information.