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Golf Course Tour

  • Hole #1; Par 4

    A great opening par 4. Make sure to favor the left side of the fairway off of your tee shot. Avoid the blacksand bunker greenside, as it’s one of the deepest on the front nine. Play left of green, if flag is tucked behind bunker. Par is a great start

  • Hole #2; Par 4

    Bomb and gouge par 4. Hammering your driver down this wide fairway giving yourself a short iron into the green is the play. The approach plays down hill make sure to factor that in when deciding on which club you will attack the pin location with.

  • Hole #3; Par 3

    An awe inspiring par 3. Careful consideration of the wind is pivotal for club selection. On calm days the yardage plays 15 yards short of the actual number from the Hawk tee box.

  • Hole #4; Par 4

    Risk reward par 4. Two options to play this par 4 depending on the players risk tolerance. If given the right wind direction the aggressive player can challenge the water on the left and have a flip wedge into the green. The player that prefers to let their precision do the talking. Play the tee shot through the two oak trees to a preferred yardage.

  • Hole #5; Par 5

    Tough but exquisite par 5. Generous landing area for the tee shot. The fairway resembles a bottle neck as the player gets closer to the green. Going for the green in two is risky, if any doubt lay up to a comfortable distance and attack the pin location with your wedge. Keep in mind that the approach plays uphill to one of the smallest greens on the course.

  • Hole #6; Par 4

    Short but deceptive par 4. The player should aim their tee shot down the right side of the fairway as it slopes severely to the left. Distance control is key for your approach as the front of the green is defended by a deep and difficult bunker. The green is severely sloped with two tiers. Precision is needed to make a good score on this par 4.

  • Hole #7, Par 5

    Majestic views with opportunities to score par 5. Taking the aggressive line towards the windmill on this tee shot will reward a chance at eagle. Aim just left of the windmill if the player is playing this hole as a 3 shot par 5. If going for the green in two, the ideal shot shape is high fade that will land softly. If the player is unable to reach, getting the layup inside of 100 yards provides an excellent chance to make a birdie with an accurate wedge shot.

  • Hole #8; Par 3

    Lengthy and treacherous par 3. This hole is visually intimidating. Offering obstacles such as Burnt Creek as well as 3 bunkers defending the front of the green and one of the toughest greens on the course. A par fills out the scorecard very nicely.

  • Hole #9; Par 4

    Straight away uphill par 4. Hitting the fairway is a premium on this hole. If the player is offline with their tee shot, they will more than likely be facing an uneven lie. Add 5-7 yards for the approach and do not be afraid to fire at the pin location, for the green is not defended by any bunkers or severe slopes.

  • Hole #10; Par 5

    Downhill strategic par 5. Drive it just left of the big tree on the right. Your second shot will be a mid- or short-iron. Anything inside of 150 yards is acceptable but be careful not to run your layup through the fairway. Make sure you have enough distance on your approach to carry the green-side bunker guarding the front of the green.

  • Hole #11; Par 4

    Quaint uphill little par 4. Right side of the fairway is the ideal spot to place the tee shot. Given that there are 6 bunkers that protect the left side of the fairway and green. Factor the uphill when deciding which club to attack the pin location with.

  • Hole #12; Par 4

    Demanding downhill par 4. Playing Hawktree requires handling elevation as well as precise distance control and number 12 is the definition of the shot making required. Bunkers to the right, dog leg left, and a blind tee shot. Drive it to the top of the hill by aiming at the big trees that appear to be in the middle of the fairway. The best play on the approach shot is to the middle of the green and subtract 10 yards for the downhill.

  • Hole #13; Par 3

    Intimidating carry into a narrow green par 3. First things first, make sure you have enough club to carry the bunker guarding the front of the green. A long and narrow green that requires a draw shot shape especially if the flag is located in the back half of the green complex.

  • Hole #14; Par 5

    Narrow but reachable par 5. Getting off to a good start off the tee is key for a good score on this hole. If giving the green a go in two, the player must make sure to miss right and short of the green long and left is a sure way to make a big number. If unable to layup, get the ball to an ideal number and attack the pin location from there.

  • Hole #15; Par 3

    Hawktree’s gem of a par 3. Do not be distracted by this par 3’s beauty. Heavily defended by water and 5 strategically placed bunkers. Playing to the middle of the green would be wise giving yourself a chance at birdie but at worse a tap in par.

  • Hole #16; Par 4

    Danger lurking everywhere par 4. One of the prettiest holes on the course. Penalty areas on 3 sides of this par 4. A player must decide the route they would like to take to navigate this hole. If given the right wind direction and conditions a player can challenge the front of this green from the tee box. Otherwise the player should layup to a comfortable distance and attack the pin location from there.

  • Hole #17; Par 3

    Fun little par 3. Last chance at glory and an expensive bar tab at the Hawks Nest. Carry the bunker defending the front of the green but at all costs avoid going long because the chip is delicate especially if the pin is placed in the back of the green complex.

  • Hole #18; Par 5

    No gimmie getting to the clubhouse Par 5. Difficult dogleg left 3 shot par 5. Off the tee play away from the bunker on the left. Generous landing area for the second shot if you can get within a hundred yards the approach is much easier. Add 10 yards on approach as it plays uphill.